VizMAP Launched

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Thursday, 14 February 2001: A new company has been  formed to cater to the burgeoning real-time interactive 3D Visualisation marketplace.

The company, VizMAP Pty Ltd, provides (amongst other things) a bureau service to all sectors (private, public, academic and defence) in the provision of real-time fly-throughs (Visualisations) based on data provided to us by our client.

In the few weeks since it’s inception, VizMAP has already created many Visualisations for clients such as the Queensland and New South Wales governments, a number of aerial survey companies, a mining company, a hydrographic survey company and the Australian Department of Defence.

Applications that these Visualisations have been used for range from public display to land development planning, management meetings, environmental impact strategy planning, mission rehearsal, GIS-based asset management and flight training to name but a few.

VizMAP has also recently signed an agreement with SPOT Imaging Services in Sydney to provide Visualisation databases to their satellite imagery customers.

VizMAP Pty Ltd creates the Visualisation databases, which are then handed back to the client. Royalty-free, run-time visualisation software (Audition) is provided so that they can run the interactive fly-through on their own computers, or they can even distribute the entire Visualisation and run-time software to their own customers.

All the images shown here are thumbnails of screen dumps of Visualisations done by VizMAP. They have been captured during full-screen interactive real-time fly-throughs on bog-standard Pentium-class PC’s running Audition. On a reasonably configured PC it is possible to achieve full-screen frame rates in the order of 30-60 Hertz, allowing for very believable Visualisations.

VizMAP creates the Visualisation databases from any, or all, of the following components:

  • Satellite imagery or orthorectified aerial photography (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, GeoTIFF, etc)
  • Digital elevation models (DTED, XYZ, ESRI GridASCII, etc)
  • Vector data – typically from a GIS (SHP, etc)
  • 3D models (MAX, FLT, etc)
  • Textures (JPEG, GIF, RGB, etc)

These components are intelligently combined to create a virtual environment through which the user can interactively fly or drive.

There is no limit to the amount of data that can go into a Visualisation – VizMAP recently created a 200×200 km Visualisation of Adelaide and it’s surrounds for SGI. The eventual data base was a couple of gigabytes but the database was able to be interactively flown-through on a PC (by the way – if you do have access to a high-end Unix 3-pipe graphics supercomputer such as an SGI Onyx 2, VizMAP can tailor the output for that as well).

If you would like VizMAP to create a stunning "virtual environment" for you, all you need to do is supply VizMAP with your data. VizMAP may even be able to source data for you. 

If you want to get a better feel for the quality and size of the output databases, check out the full-screen images on the VizMAP website at Follow the link to "Visualisations".

Contact VizMAP for more information.

About VizMAP: VizMAP Pty Ltd, is a worldwide supplier of terrain Visualisation and related services to the defence, GIS, environmental, mapping, mining and exploration industries, engineering and construction firms as well as government administration departments dealing with land, transportation and the environment. VizMAP’s products are designed to be run on reasonably to highly configured graphics computers (PC, Linux and Unix) for public display, group training, mission rehearsal, environmental monitoring, etc. and to enhance management decision making. VizMAP maintains a number of offices in Australia with affiliation in Asia, Europe and the USA and provides support and services to customers worldwide. For more information about VizMAP visit the VizMAP Web site at