VizMAP develops interactive “Flash Map” of Advanced Mining Projects in Queensland


Rider: The data portrayed in the "Flash Maps" detailed below was accurate as of March, 2006. It may well now be out of date. To inquire about current data, please e-mail The Geological Survey of Queensland , Department of Natural Resources and Mines at

(Graeme Brooke, November 2014)


Brisbane, Australia
March 16th, 2006

Queensland’s State Government Department of Natural Resources Mines and Water (NRMW) required an interactive graphical software tool to effectively display the current Advanced Mining Projects in Queensland.

The interactive application, developed by VizMAP in Macromedia Flash, details all of the major current coal, base metal, gold and “other” mineral projects, including apatite, cobalt, corundum, diatomite and nine others.

The completed VizMAP product, “Queensland’s Advanced Mining Projects” displays the locations and details of 77 occurrences of the advanced metal, mineral and coal mining projects in Queensland.

This application represents the fourth “Flash Map” that VizMAP has produced for NRMW in the past twelve months. It is anticipated that all four Flash Maps (Commodities, Coal, Petroleum and now Advanced Mining Projects) will soon be available on a single CD-ROM. This will be available to the general public and distributed widely at conferences both locally and overseas by NRMW.

As weight and portability are key issues for travelling attendees at such conferences, the development and production of a 'light weight' interactive and information-rich CD-ROM to replace booklets was seen as a key factor for delegates to retain information post-conference.

The Advanced Mining Projects application has been created as a user friendly tool to allow users to quickly determine where in Queensland the advanced mining projects are located. As well as being able to pan and zoom on a map of Queensland, the user can search on a name to quickly locate commodities and projects geographically. Once located, a simple click on the identified commodity connects the user directly to the project proponent's website.

The design of the Flash database allows that updates can be made by NRMW to the database without having to resort to the reprogramming of the interface by VizMAP. The “data” is read as the application opens and this read data can be changed as often as NRMW require. Theoretically, the developed interface will last many years as the projects database (a simple text file) is updated by NRMW.

Since the initial beta release of the first Flash Map for NRMW back in March 2005, CD-ROM’s containing one, two, three or four of VizMAP’s Flash Maps have been revised and reprinted several times and presented to numerous country ambassadors, business leaders and visiting trade delegations, not to mention several thousand being distributed at various conferences around the globe.

The latest iteration of the multi-award winning product will soon be available at Queensland Government Trade and Investment Offices, Austrade and Invest Australia offices nationally and throughout the world.

The new CD-ROM release will include updated databases, animation, and a greatly reduced application size, effectively enabling a “webbable” resource.

To this end, VizMAP has made each of the four Flash Maps freely available on the VizMAP website.

The “Commodities” Flash Map can be accessed at

The “Coal” Flash Map can be viewed interactively at

The “Petroleum” Flash Map can be accessed at

Finally, the new “Advanced Mining Projects” Flash Map can be accessed at

To learn more about the technical details of VizMAP’s Flash Maps, e-mail Graeme Brooke at VizMAP.



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