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An initiative of VizMAP is the electronically disseminated VirtualGeography – a collection of interesting snippets from all over the place, dealing with industry issues concerning the computer based visualisation of geography and a few other associated (or otherwise) alluring bits and pieces.

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Here's what's gone before (the bottom up approach):



Date Issue Industry's
Two Cents Worth
Hardcore Stuff Softcore Stuff A Recent Outing …OK, That's Different Whazzup Next A Parting Gesture A Moment's Notice
October 2010 v9n2 TerraSim Releases Xtract™ 1.1  Cloud Gurus Share Their Own Hands-On Experiences in the Cloud with IT-Decision Makers in Frankfurt, October 28 – 29, 2010 Google Earth helps discover rare hominid ancestor in South Africa Example of Correlated Virtual and Constructive Terrain Databases – "Sample Desert Village" built using TerraTools Beam me up Shhhcotty … the Aussie space beer with zero gravity Vis/Sim, GIS, LIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Hilarious Geography Test Answers Douglas Adams
April 2010 v9n1

Two New TerraTools Exporters Now Available
VizMAP: So – that begs the question, "What is Steel Beasts?"
VizMAP: "…and OpenSceneGraph?"

2010 Masters Tournament in 3D – Are You 3D Vision Ready?  Virtual Brisbane Desert Village Revisited for Steel Beasts Ordnance Survey offers free data access Vis/Sim, GIS, LIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Global Terrorist Security Alerts Cliff explaining the Buffalo Theory to Norm in Cheers
July 2009 v8n2 TerraTools Exporter for Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) Now Available Oracle to Buy Sun Measuring the Great Wall of China Desert Village Safari 4 Downloads Top 11 Million in Three Days Vis/Sim, GIS, LIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… The Monastery Douglas Adams
April 2009 v8n1 VBS2 and OneSAF Correlation on Display at I/ITSEC 2008 Sun Delivers Industry Leading Virtualization Solutions for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses DigitalGlobe, AEgis to launch 3D imagery solution The Port of Brisbane How Video Will Save the Audio Star Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Noah's Flood Rich Cook
August 2008 v7n3 TerraSim Releases TerraTools Version 3.5 Beyond Graphics – The Present and Future of GP-GPU  Street View Arrives  Annapurna Circuit  Computer-generated Images: Hollywood Hair Will Be Captured At Last  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Answers to Geography Test Questions  The Goons
May 2008 v7n2 TerraSim, Inc. Awarded DARPA Contract Extension NVIDIA to Sponsor New Stanford Parallel Computing Research Lab Archaeologist Uses Satellite Imagery To Explore Ancient Mexico Abbot Point Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… The Country House Anne Tyler on Dogs
February 2008 v7n1 A Better Virtual World, One Tree (or Millions) At A Time NVIDIA to Acquire AGEIA Technologies  Technology pulls curtain back to offer new world views  Vault Point (Rodd Park), Sydney ASUS Eee PC 701 4G  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… The Guinea Pig  Bruce Baum
July 2007 v6n2 Second Earth  Tangible display makes 3D images touchable  Who Says Video Games Have to be Fun? The Rise of Serious Games La Perouse, Botany Bay EGOGRAM 2007 by Sir Arthur C. Clarke Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy  Unknown
May 2007 v6n1 Microsoft Virtual Earth Nature provides a chip off the old shell OneSAF Database Export for TerraTools 3.0 Available Cadia Valley  IBM opens sales center in Second Life  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… The Head "Omni", proof that 2 equals 1
November 2006 v5n4 Carbon Project Announces New Portal for the Open-Geospatial .NET Community  Lower Price, Faster Speed–GeForce 7900 GS and Radeon X1900 XT 256MB  Virtual Battlespace 2  Video Surveillance with a Difference HP Plots Virtual Prison Break from the Tower of London  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Bob  Douglas Adams
August 2006 v5n3 RoadMAP from TerraSim® NASA Scientists Conquer Einstein Equations with Help from Columbia Supercomputer  New 64-Bit In-Memory Database Supports Geospatial Applications  Your New House 3-D Imaging Goes Ballistic  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… The New Wonder Drug George Bernard Shaw vs. Winston Churchill
April 2006 v5n2 VIRTUAL REALITY: A New World for Geographic Exploration Sun Microsystems Completes Design Tape-Out for Next-Generation, Breakthrough UltraSPARC T2 CoolThreads Processor  Future of Landsat A Hot Topic at Upcoming ASPRS Conference  CHOGM Smell-o-vision comes to the big screen  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… International Rugby Board Escher
March 2006 v5n1 TerraSim Demonstrates Google Earth Plug-in for TerraTools 3.0  Louisiana State University Selects SGI Technology for Storm Modeling and Scientific Visualization   Carbon Project Announces New Portal for the Open-Geospatial .NET Community  Mining Venture Proposal at Taraborah Road-Ready Night Vision at Last Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Health Question & Answer Session  Jack Handy
December 2005 v4 n5 Imminent release of TerraTools v.3.0  Naval Research Laboratory Leverages SGI Visualization and Storage Solutions to Advance Ocean, Atmospheric and Space Sciences   SRTM Documentation  Proposed Coking Coal Mine in Central Kalimantan Microsoft to start testing new Messenger Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… To the citizens of the United States of America…   Ratty, Wind in the Willows 
September 2005 v4 n4 Carbon Project Announces New Portal for the Open-Geospatial .NET Community  Intel Pledges 1500 PCs, Wireless Access Points, Technical Support For Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Efforts Space Imaging's view of Hurricane Katrina  Queensland Commodities for Natural Resources and Mines Joy, oh, joystick  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… The Workout  Groucho Marx
August 2005 v4 n3 Google Earth (beta) GeForce 7800 GTX: Nvidia's Nuclear Option  TerraSim to demonstrate DEMTools 1.0 at ESRI Users Group Meeting in San Diego, July 2005  Lukla to the Everest Base Camp  Berners-Lee on the read/write web  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Sister Mary Stephen Wright
May 2005 v4 n2 VizMAP Launches FlyLG – Geospatial Visualisation for Australian Local Government  NVIDIA Scalable Visualization Solutions Deliver Tenfold Performance Increase  TerraSim Demonstrates DEM Fusion Technology at ASPRS 2005  Moura Coal Mine   The Dawning of the G-Bomb  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… Navajo Perspective  Albert Einstein
January 2005 v4 n1 Space View Reveals Scale of Disaster Gulf Coast Science Center Opens a Spectacular Immersive Theater Powered by SGI Technology That Allows Visitors to Experience Jerusalem – As It Stood In 1 AD  NASA Designs 3D Digital Map of Earth  Proposed Barossa Valley Powerline  Reality is virtually here  Vis/Sim, GIS, Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry calendars… New Helmsman  Billie Holliday
September 2004 v3 n2 Tutorial on embedding virtual worlds in PDF file New NVIDIA Scene Graph Technology Streamlines and Accelerates 3D Content Development  TerraSim Releases TerraTools Version 2.0.1 The Virtual Surat Energy Resources Province Slide Rule Still Rules Stuff to look out for in October, November & December The Bacon Tree Douglas Adams
March 2004 v3 n1 TerraSim Awarded Phase II SBIR to develop DEM 
Fusion Technology 
Boeing Selects Quantum3D Independence for 
Republic of Korea F-15K Distributed Mission Training 
About GeoVRML Brisbane Flood FutureFlight Central Goes to Mars! Stuff to look out for in 
March, April & May
Rice Bush Phil Ehrens
December 2003 v2 n9 TerraSim, Inc. Demonstrates OOS Unified STF Transmittal and Repository Editor Mobile Graphics Shootout TerraSim Releases TerraTours™: 3D GIS Visualizations with Integrated Multimedia Morrison Quad High-flying camera club Stuff to look out for in January, February and March Australian virtual reality kanga-rues the day Ronald Regan
October 2003 v2 n8 3D Roars Back: From Hollywood to Product Marketing 3D Graphics: Quality Matters   Plotting the War on Terror and Disease Solomon Islands Auran, nVidia, and Chronic Logic Cross New Boundaries With Bridge It  Stuff to look out for in October, November & December Windows 2000 Error Messages  Groucho Marx 
August 2003 v2 n7 TerraSim, Inc. Receives MOUT FACT Contract;
TerraSim, Inc. Completes Phase I SBIR on DEM Fusion Technology 
Silicon Graphics Onyx4 UltimateVision  OpenSceneGraph-0.9.5 released New Guinea Bush  SOPAC installs first Internet Map Server in the Pacific Islands  Stuff to look out for in August, September & October QANTAS Gripe Sheet Steven Wright
June 2003 v2 n6 Space Imaging Reacts to New White House Remote-Sensing 
The Future of 3D Graphics TGS, Inc. Releases Open Inventor 4.0 Brisbane Why Geography Matters in Marketing Strategy – The Spatial 
Dimension to Customer Communications and Marketing
Stuff to look out for in June, July & 
The Sunday Afternoon Flight Joe Weinstein
May 2003 v2 n5 Scenegraphs: Past, Present and Future BP Deploys HP Intel® Itanium® 2-Based Systems for Seismic 
Imaging Research
OpenSceneGraph-0.9.4 Bondi Experts target junk e-mail Stuff to look out for in May, June & 
The Garden of Eden Jay Leno
April 2003 v2 n4 New 21st century technology leads the fight against flooding  Germany's Waterway Engineering and Research Institute Chooses SGI Supercomputers to Meet Simulation Challenges of the Future  Use of NOAA data to update nautical charts Shop 'n Save  Spinning a Silver Disc  Stuff to look out for in April, May & June Tech Support Marc Price
March 2003 v2 n3 Virtual Heritage Intel's Digital Home Vision Moves Closer To Reality With New Industry Enabling 
Building Blocks
'Microsoft Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight' Commemorates 100 Years 
of Aviation History
Sunshine Coast Marine Life Rescue Centre New game 'There' puts you there Stuff to look out for in March, April & May Optimists and Pessimists Anonymous
February 2003 v2 n2 ImageSat International Launches its New Web Site at ETC Receives Contract From RAAF for Advanced Spatial Disorientation Trainer  Geo Version 1.0, Release Candidate 1 Now Available  Themap Automated Avatars Take the Strain Out of Animation  Stuff to look out for in February, March & April Oh, no, not Oil again… Anonymous
January 2003 v2 n1 Intel Pentium 4 3,06 GHz review SGI Delivers True Cross-Platform 3D Visualization for the Visual Simulation Community
Introducing EP-1000CT: Unprecedented Realism at a Down-to-Earth Price
SPOT – Sydney Taking Tech Toys for a Spin Stuff to look out for in January, February & March The Comfort Station Anne Tyler
December 2002 v1 n5 Orad announces the world's most powerful visual
simulations platform
NVIDIA Extends Technology Leadership with Support for Intel 

ATI's industry-leading visual processors support Intel's new 
Hyper-Threading(tm) technology 
TerraSim to Release New TerraTools Version 2.0 in February 2003 ECSI, New South Wales DEC Designs Software to Help Catch the DC Sniper Stuff to look out for in December, January 
& February
The Man in the Pub Phil Ehrens
November 2002 v1 n4 SAAB Avionics Selects Quantum3D for Swedish HKP14 Helicopter  Quantum3D Announces Independence – The First 4th Gereation, Open Architecture Image Generator with Enterprise Class Computing Features
SGI Demonstrates Innovative Visual Area Networking and Visualization Technologies
The Virtual Terrain Project Queensland's Department of Main Roads Geography Matters  Stuff to look out for in November, December & January The River  W. Shakespeare,  I. Kant ,  A. Sartre,  Miss Connie, F. Sinatra,  F. Flintstone
October 2002 v1 n3 TerraSim Receives Tibbetts Award for SBIR Achievements Ford Selects SGI Reality Center Technology for Visualization and Design Optimization  EarthViewer from Keyhole  New Guinea Geographical Trivia Stuff to look out for in October & November A Balance  Douglas Adams
v1 n2 A New Low Cost Rotary Wing Part-Task Trainer "Houston, We Have Lift-Off": Dell and Imax Blast Off On Apollo 13: The Imax Experience® Interactive Arctic Environmental Atlas facelifts Brisbane City Council, Queensland, Australia Help Stuff to look out for in September & October The New Ensign Tom Gregor, Sr.
August 2002 v1 n1 Visualizing the Urban Environment SGI Launches an Initiative to Deliver Supercomputer-Class Visualization for a Variety of Devices TerraSim, Inc. releases TerraTools 1.5 Powerlink, Queensland, Australia Video Scratching on M-M-Macs Stuff to look out for in July, August & September The Geography Lesson Groucho Marx