VizMAP is proud to be able to distribute TerraTools® (from TerraSim Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) in Australia and New Zealand. TerraTools® is the complete synthetic environment toolkit allowing you to create your own Vis/Sim databases from your own carto-source data, in-house.

TerraTools is a complete simulation database construction system for automated and rapid generation of high-fidelity 3D simulation databases from cartographic source materials. TerraTools provides the most comprehensive set of integrated terrain generation tools and features available, including heterogeneous data import, rapid and incremental database construction, realistic and accurate geometry, detailed feature attribution, paging support, high levels of automation, and detailed diagnostics in an easy-to-use and flexible stand-alone package.

TerraTools is an advanced multi-threaded application. It supports two independent processing threads per workstation processor, providing significant speedups at no additional cost using a single TerraTools license. Workstations with dual processors or dual-core architectures are automatically recognized by the TerraTools front end and each TerraTools project graph is scheduled to maximize parallel execution.

3D geospatial visualization spans a broad continuum of customer applications. Ranging from aerial and satellite imagery warped to a 3D terrain grid, to photo-realistic 3D models of urban environments, the variety of civil, defense, and entertainment applications of 3D geospatial visualizations is almost unlimited. TerraSim’s products automate the production of 3D geospatial visualization, minimizing the need for manual modeling and instead relying on the use of cartographic vector data, digital elevation models, and geo-rectified imagery.

Core processing includes ingest of ESRI shapefile data, USGS DLG data, digital elevation models (DEMs), and 3D models from AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and OpenFlight. Advanced database construction tools include processing of cartographic features into the TerraSim ITIN representation as well as "just enough GIS" to support feature correction, merging, buffering, and attribution processing.

TerraTools Core supports the export of 3D visual databases to a variety of formats for customer delivery including Google Earth, VRML, 3DStudioMAX, and TerraSim’s native Tiled Scene Graph (TSG), with demand paged runtime.

Also see the customizable data import and export plug-ins available for TerraTools.

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