in Queensland

  • Ardmore (12 Km ESE of Ardmore Homestead. 109 Km South of Mount Isa.)
  • Babbling Brooke Hill (16 Km North-West of Century Mine. 230Km NW of Mt Isa.)
  • D-Tree (44 Km West of Gunpowder 115Km North of Mt Isa.)
  • East Galah Creek (44 Km West of Gunpowder. 105Km North of Mt Isa.)
  • Highland Plains (12.4Km WSW of Musselbrook Mining Camp Area. 255Km NW of Mt Isa.)
  • Lady Annie Phosphate (26 Km West-South-West of Gunpowder. 105Km NNW of Mt Isa.)
  • Lady Jane (33Km WNW of Gunpowder. 120Km NNW of Mt Isa.)
  • Lily Creek (86 Km North-West of Mount Isa.)
  • Mount Jennifer (2.5Km SW of Lawn Hill. 230Km North of Mt Isa.)
  • Mount O’connor (32 Km North-West of Century Mine. 235Km North of Mt Isa.)
  • Phantom Hills (4.7 Km North-East of Century Mine. 220Km NW of Mt Isa.)
  • Phosphate Hill (51Km ESE If Dajarra. 138 Km SSE of Mount Isa.)
  • Quita Creek (56Km South-West of Dajarra; 27Km S of Ardmore Hs. 134Km SSW of Mt Isa.)
  • Riversleigh (37.7Km S of Lawn Hill. 200Km North of Mt Isa.)
  • Sherrin Creek (71 Km North-West of Mount Isa.)
  • Thorntonia (44 Km North-West of Gunpowder. 125Km NNW of Mt Isa.)