in Queensland

  • Black Lode (On Northern Slopes of North Pointer. 10 Km East of Merimal. Princhester. 130Km NNW of Gladstone.)
  • Gray Creek South (26 Km South of Greenvale. 190Km WNW of Townsville.)
  • Greenvale Nickel (37.6 Km SSE of Conjuboy Homestead. 5Km W of Greenvale Township. 190Km WNW of Townsville.)
  • Large Lode (12Km East of Marlborough. West Bank of Princhester Creek. Portion 16 Parish Princhester. 150Km NW of Gladstone.)
  • Nine Mile Creek (17 Km West of Kunwarara 160Km NW of Gladstone.)
  • Racecourse (5 Km South of Marlborough. 170Km NW of Gladstone.)