The Port of Brisbane

The Port of Brisbane
Back in 2007, VizMAP was engaged as technical lead on a project performed for the Port of Brisbane through Paul Donato’s Lighthouse Central. This brought together a number of disciplines with a view to creating a scenario-based emergency/terrorism training exercise. VizMAP was responsible for the geospatial aspects of the exercise including the 3D modelling of a significant portion of the roads, wharves and other infrastructure of the port. VizMAP managed a team of modellers and interface programmers and liaised with security and surveillance specialists to develop an application that portrayed a “scenario” that included a semi-trailer roll-over including a chemical spill, a series of terrorist-set fires with pluming smoke and changeable weather conditions.

The eventual scenario was played out in front of an invited audience of over eighty professionals in January 2008. Conducted by Paul Donato (whose credentials include Director of Commercial Security within the Olympic Security Command Centre and Program Director Security Sydney Olympic Committee (for the) Olympic Games SOCOG), VizMAP handled the geospatial components including mapping, geospatial coordination and visualisation, including overhead projection of the live visualisation.

The semi-trailer (tractor-trailer) rollover on the roundabout with the chemical spill was a particular hit!

VizMAP's PortWatch #1 VizMAP's PortWatch #2
VizMAP's PortWatch #3 VizMAP's PortWatch #4
VizMAP's PortWatch #5 VizMAP's PortWatch #6
VizMAP's PortWatch #7 VizMAP's PortWatch #8

 Click on these small resampled images to view the full screen images from the VizMAP website. Bear in mind that these are just screen dumps from a dynamic, interactive, 3D "flythrough".

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