VizMAP launches FlyLG: computer based geospatial Visualisation tailored to Australian local government areas

Brisbane, Australia
April 15th, 2005

VizMAP today launched a new series of visualisation databases targeted at the Australian Local Government market.

The series of 3D databases, collectively known as FlyLG, combine orthorectified 25m Landsat satellite imagery and a 9 arc second (~250m) digital terrain model (DTM) to produce a realistic, broad scale, interactive "flythrough" of individual local government areas.

Local government areas in the FlyLG range are individually available from VizMAP at a single fixed cost and are each built using the state-of-the-art TerraTools virtual environment software package from TerraSim Inc. (PA, USA).

Each FlyLG package enables the user to sit at their computer and interactively fly, drive or walk around their local government area in real-time by simply using a mouse. FlyLG visualisations run in full screen or windowed mode with the user able to control such aspects as sky colour, overview map, compass, clouds, sun position, lens flare, fog and much more.

As well as interactively flying around the scenery, users can also create an unlimited number of "jump points" and fixed flight paths enabling hands-free navigation through the region.

Graeme Brooke, the owner and manager of VizMAP, said today, "VizMAP is the reseller in Australia and New Zealand for TerraTools, but often the end-users of TerraTools’ output don’t have the resources, requirement or budget for an in-house facility to build these complex 3D databases. Such is the case for the typical local authority. Some are big enough to warrant it, but we’ve targeted FlyLG at those who are not".

"FlyLG databases will be particularly useful in local government for such things as simple flood modelling,  development planning, public display and community consultation. Also, one of the major benefits of FlyLG is that it is distributed with a license-free viewer enabling the local government to copy the deliverable CD and give it away to their ratepayers, if they want to", he said.

The President of TerraSim Inc., Dave McKeown said from Pittsburgh, "VizMAP is TerraSim’s exclusive value added reseller (VAR) in Australia and New Zealand for its TerraTools® and TerraTours® product line. Beyond direct sales and customer support, Mr. Brooke has supported our product by performing extensive service bureau work using TerraTools and our TSGFly™ and TerraTours viewers. Graeme’s visualization portfolio is impressive. In terms of breadth and scope of projects, ranging from a detailed urban railway project to the highly interactive Surat Basin visualization project spanning hundreds of miles, I know of no other non-military end user who has completed such ambitious projects using our software. We wish him well in this new initiative".

About VizMAP: Drawing on over 25 years experience in Surveying, GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, VizMAP operates a custom digital cartographic bureau service, specialising in the creation of stunning interactive, real-time, 3D geospatial databases and tailored digital mapping services.

For further information, contact Graeme Brooke on 0419 659 866 or by e-mail at VizMAP.